Andy Warren
Sr Manager, Engineering Service Support

Andy specializes in difficult situations. He has increased positive customer experiences and decreased employee frustration. Experienced in managing multiple projects on a tight budget while still showing successful results.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, he leads a team at Bridgestone Americas, Inc. in innovation, support, training, implementation, and licensing of Autodesk Products. Bridgestone has over 4,000 users in 11 countries. His team oversees the 2nd largest Autodesk Vault in the world according to Autodesk. Additionally, Andy leads the Global team of XR and is having success in deploying to the masses on a minimal budget. Andy’s previous experience was through a CNC (computer numerical control) Software Company focused on software implementations. He also led their Autodesk Authorized Training Center (ATC). Andy has seen additional success in the environmental engineering field and the retail store fixtures industry.

His personal goal: always learn something new, every day!