Andreas Oeder


Andreas Oeder graduated in 2003 in Computer Science. He started his career with different positions as a Software Developer. In 2005 he joined Airbus and started to work in the field of Augmented Reality in 2011. In Collaboration with Airbus Group Innovation he industrialized the first geolocated Mixed Reality Application for large products in 2012. This has been awarded with Top Award for Excellence in Airbus and with Airbus Hall of Fame Award for "Great Innovators". All his projects have been started with a close link to production activities. Since 2016 he is focusing on the field of Human Augmentation and especially working on the introduction of new technologies for the workforce of the future. Technologies such as Wearables shall support the Quality, Safety, Efficiency and the fun at work - putting the operator in the center. Other professional interests are in the field of IoT and multi modal communication on shop floor. Today he is leading the Augmented Worker Product team and acts as an IM eXpert in the field of Operator Augmentation - Digital Integration.

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