Derrick Gyamfi

MGM Resorts International

Derrick Gyamfi, Senior Manager of Emerging Technology Strategy at MGM Resorts International, plays a pivotal role in steering the hospitality industry towards a digital future. With a sharp focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and extended reality (XR), Derrick seamlessly integrates cutting-edge digital tools with MGM's strategic vision, projecting a tech-forward path 3-5 years ahead. His expertise spans hospitality, entertainment, and gaming, where he develops customized solutions to meet the unique challenges of his stakeholders.

Derrick has led several groundbreaking projects, including immersive VR training for employees, augmented reality (AR) for enhancing guest experiences, and virtual collaboration platforms for the industry. Furthermore, he has explored the intersection of generative AI and digital twin technology, showcasing his ability to not only tackle specific challenges but also to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction significantly. His efforts are crucial in advancing the hospitality industry towards a more digitally integrated future.

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