Joel Honeyman

Bobcat Company

Joel Honeyman is the vice president of global innovation for Doosan Bobcat Inc.

Since launching his Bobcat career in 1997, Joel has embodied the company’s mission of empowering people to accomplish more – an ethos that extends from inspiring his team members and colleagues to innovating smart solutions that address customers’ toughest challenges.

Joel has driven a culture of innovation company-wide since stepping into his current role in 2014. By partnering with leading global technology firms, applying advanced technologies to products, processes and services, and anticipating solutions for customers’ needs, Joel understands what it takes to create the worksite of the future.

Emerging technologies like alternative-energy equipment and autonomous technology are top of mind across the construction and manufacturing industries today. Joel’s expertise and thoughtfulness drive through the misconceptions and myths as he connects the dots between technology and new solutions to lead these industries forward.

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